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I Won Luis's Bag

2009-05-17 22:19:46 by DanMasterFlash

Amazing, I have won Luis's Random Bag. Never would have thought I would have won such a misc. thing but hell, its pretty cool. Anyways, I wish I would have buffered my account a little so I don't look like one of those members who submit absolute shit to the site and spam it with crap and get random shit thru. I'm a Full Animator. :P


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2009-05-17 22:53:55

Go figure, since most of the fucking contests here are nepotistic in nature.

DanMasterFlash responds:



2009-05-17 23:14:15

You won Luis' Random Bag?! Congratulations!

And now if you'll excuse me...

DanMasterFlash responds:

-pats- there, there.


2009-05-18 00:46:19

I apologize.
I am happy for you.


2009-05-18 22:19:13



2009-05-20 21:20:49

What did the bag have inside? Was it crap? I think it was crap. Do you like crap? Idon't

DanMasterFlash responds:

No, it was Jizz. Get your Sources right, Tard.