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Funnier that I expected

Even though I expect great things from you, this is a great come back from what seemed to be a slum.

So Smooth!

Your animation is the smoothest i've ever seen.


Just what the doctor ordered.

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You sir have made my day.

Doomunit responds:

THANKS! You have made my day too.


was really good.

urbansquall responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!


Good game just didn't really get into it. Like always i'm expected to see pages of 10's because of Egoraptor voicing it.......

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Jeeeesus. Tune is mad! You must finish this. That bassline is so crunchy, uunnnnhhhgggg. Neurofunk is right up your alley man. Though may I suggest a more metallic snare? Or maybe just throw on a short delay on it to give it that ring. I know neuro snares are a bit minimal but I think it would sound absolutely bitchin' in this. As well as maybe some more vibrant hats. Other than that, this tune is ready to destroy the dance floor man.

Don't think I've ever seen someone write so much about a really mediocre sound in the description of a tune. Doesn't really sound like you've done any EQ'ing to the bass. Sounds like it's just straight up out of massive.

Also, stop calling it a wobble.

And I know your new to this genre. But it's never an excuse to be a pleb.

carl565 responds:

You know, I was going to write a bad response but then I realized I asked for critique and received critique. All I have to say is that I liked the way the bass sounded without the EQ, who cares if it's "right out of Massive", its fine that way. Stop calling it a wobble? That's exactly what it is, what else should I call it, the bass? Bass can be applied to SO many things that it would be overly confusing to call it the "bass". At least you read the description, I suppose that's the only thing that I'm happy with about this review. Everyone has their own opinion though... Thanks for your review regardless.

Honestly mate, full critisim...

possibly the worst thing I've ever heard.

What can you do to improve?

Well, everything is clipping. Literally everything. Lower your kick, snare, everything.

Unfortunately, even that will not save this.

DJMERKEREE responds:

Thanks dude, yeah I've only been working on it for a day now most of it trying to get the audio warped,I appreciate the advice

My main thing is definitely trying to STAY&STRAY AWAY from the filter loop repeating "sound being interchangeable with chord, beat, melody" BORING style with a couple of FX and pads that slightly alters a "loop" into the same loop but with a few effects that ends up being misinterpreted as a song.

Now when you refer to clipping are you referring to mastering each track like "GershBeats" was referring to so that not all the seperate track bandwith/frequency is so loud and that it varies slightly to accentuate certain sounds?

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This is amazing. It almost looks like paint on a canvas. :3

Times are strange.

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